I’m a two-time contest winner

Everything a good art-detective needs. 


Everything a good art-detective needs.

Contests I have won over the course of my life:

#1 (2000): Chicken Run poster signed by the Aardman guys. It involved standing around with Harry in 8th grade at some Universal Citywalk comic shop, submitting pseudonym after pseudonym into a jar until we got picked up by my mom. Harry, of course, won under his real name…I got a call that started a little something like this: “Hello, is Miss Pat Kommer, Esq. available?” Yes, yes she is.

#2 (December 14th, 2008): A one-year membership to LACMA. Eight years after Pat Kommer’s contest victory lap, I participated in a murder-mystery-art-project called Le Hunt at LACMA run by the awesome folks over at machine project. After some help from JQ and a lot of guesswork I sent in my answer.

Check out my “exemplary analysis” right here.


2 responses to “I’m a two-time contest winner

  1. ahem…no props to the peeps that gots you a lota those clues?

  2. Well, we DID eventually re-find those clues, so…

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