Merry Geekmas

Despite being born into the Hanukkah persuasion, every year I get together a handful of TV shows/movies and have a little watch-a-thon. But being the huge geek that I am, it’s less claymation Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer and more Batman and the Muppets.

Well, for the first time in human history, I am creating a list so YOU TOO can enjoy the same manufactured warmth that I do. Enjoy!

08Batman: The Animated Series – “Christmas with the Joker” (1992)
The first (and arguably only) Christmas episode from BTAS is  probably the most nostalgic for me. It came pretty early on in the series and is a little cheesier than some later episodes (“They don’t call him BAT-man for nothing!”), but when you get right down to it, it’s a classic Batman vs. Joker episode. Can you really ask for anything more?


More geeky Christmas specials after the jump:

Harley & IvyThe New Batman Adventures – “Holiday Knights” (1997)
Another good one, this time broken up into three separate stories: Christmas shopping with Harley & Ivy, Santa Bullock & Batgirl vs. Clayface, and some Joker-y New Year’s goodness. Plus, watching Batman and Gordon have coffee together is just awesome. Now, if only they cut out that awful shopping montage…


Comfort & JoyJustice League – “Comfort & Joy” (2003)
What do superheroes do for Christmas? Apparently, they bring friends home for family dinners, get smashed at alien bars, and team up with some bad guys to re-enact plot devices from Jingle All the Way.

Muppet Family ChristmasA Muppet Family Christmas (1987)
Why should you watch this? Because the Swedish Chef attempts to cook Big Bird for Christmas dinner and serve him to the rest of the Mupets.

Seriously, forget about all those crappy NBC Muppet specials that have aired over the last few years. Forget The Muppet Christmas Carol. This is the original, and one of the last projects Jim Henson worked on before he died. It’s basically one big Muppet mega-crossover between The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock.

One of my favorite things about this special is watching the Sesame Street gang out of their element. Listing things that start with the letter ‘B’ is all well and good on the Street, but integrated with the other Muppets, they end up playing the ‘crazy man’ in one long game of ‘straight man/crazy man’.

Did I mention Jim Henson has a cameo appearance? Well, he does.


Venture ChristmasThe Venture Bros. – “A Very Venture Christmas
I’m a big fan of The Venture Bros., and their Christmas special doesn’t disappoint. A Christmas Carol parody, a supervillain named Tiny Joseph, and a German childnapping demon are all squished into about 12 minutes, which is half the length of your typical Venture episode. It’s on [adult swim]’s website if you go and watch it right now!


The Wet Bandits!Home Alone (1990)
Sure, it’s kind of weird to watch this movie now. I find myself sympathizing with the burglars and realizing how sadistic Kevin really was…but it’s probably the perfect Christmas movie. What else is there to say? You’ve seen it before, go watch it again.

Bullet for BullockBatman: The Animated Series – “A Bullet for Bullock” (1995)
I didn’t include this one on the list above because while it technically occurs during Christmas, there’s nothing story-wise that links it to the holiday…but if you’re jonesin’ for some more superhero-holiday action, hit this one up.

Marley & MarleyThe Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
I know I just told you to forget this one…but it’s definitely 50% great. It’s worth watching for songs like Marley & Marley…just skip the Michael Caine romantic subplot. There’s one song that was so boring they cut it out of the theatrical release!


2 responses to “Merry Geekmas

  1. One seems to hear, Words of good cheer, From every chin, Singing again. Weird

  2. Good stuff… actually didn’t get around to watching any of these this year except “Holiday Knights”, but if I may purloin another BTAS episode title, “It’s never too late…”

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