Adam West Gets Intimate


Adam West admiring Adam West.

Adam West admiring Adam West.

While we may never get the 1960’s Batman show on DVD over studio disputes, I’m happy to say that Adam West apparently doesn’t care. Nope, he’s taken it into his own hands to record his memories of the show while he still has time ticking on the ol’ bat-clock, and has sent a preview of the footage directly to the die-hard fans!

What I really love about Adam West is that he manages to stay goofy and funny in the most self-reflexive way, even when he’s pushing 80-something. If this edited-together preview is any indicator, it looks like there’ll be a lot of Lookwell-esque comedy…or is that simply Adam West comedy?

I’d go so far as to say that he’s carved out his own stylistic comedic niche. He’s literally the Batman of comedy, and I don’t think you can get any more badass than that.


2 responses to “Adam West Gets Intimate

  1. I don’t know just seems like hours of him sitting in his house talking…but I NEED to see the whole thing.

  2. I finally watched this. Um. Wow. WOW.

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