Drawer Full of Bird Heads

Bird and the BeeIs it weird to be attracted to just somebody’s voice? I went to First Fridays over at the Natural History Museum this last weekend and fell head-over-heels in-music-love with the band The Bird and the Bee.

Electro-pop beats with beautiful jazzy vocals equals two days of me listening to their music non-stop. My friend Cameron’s band (Superhumanoids) has a similar combination of the electronic with female jazz vocals, and they’re also pretty great.

Speaking of birds, if you get a chance to check out First Fridays next month, don’t forget to stop upstairs in the Avian Hall to find a bureau drawer full of taxodermized bird heads. It’s nice to see that the Natural History Museum varies up the way things are exhibited: some of the creatures are stuffed and set up in dioramas, while others are decapitated and casually laid out in a set of drawers that could only belong to a serial killer. Perfect.


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