Fiasco! keeps winning the UCB Cagematch

Fiasco! Family PortraitWell, Fiasco! seems to be steadily winning (and selling out) the UCB Cagematch, which is awesome! It’s really nice to be performing improv on a regular basis again, even if it comes along with the stress of not knowing whether or not we’ll be performing the next week…

We’ll be going up for our 6th cagematch this Wednesday (tomorrow) against a stellar team, Soaring Spirit. I know a lot of you have already come out once, twice, or even more than that – but now’s the time we need you most!

Here’s the info, ripped straight from the headlines facebook event:

This week, we go up against the incredibly talented and ridiculously funny SOARING SPIRIT. Honestly, this will be a fantastic show because Soaring Spirit is top notch, and we’re also fun!

Fiasco! is:
Jacqueline Gabardy
Clay Larsen
Tom McMillan
(Justin Michael)
Jacob Reed

Soaring Spirit is:
Suzi Barrett
Johnny Meeks
June Raphael
Joel Spence

Hosted by:
Harrison Brown

$5 to get in / Free for UCB Students. The last five shows sold out so MAKE RESERVATIONS:

Why’s my name in parentheses? Because I won’t be there… but YOU WILL!


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