Saturday Morning Watchmen

Well, I finally caught Watchmen during a matinee showing today at the Vista. I’d say $6.50 was exactly the amount of money I felt comfortable spending on it.

I had pretty low expectations, but left the theater impressed with the visuals and a lot of the individual moments the film had to offer (the Comedian’s death, Dr. Manhattan’s flashbacks, the terrifying brutality of the rape scene)… but overall, I don’t the movie really holds up.

Comparisons to the graphic novel aside, I just think there was a little too much bad acting floating around. Silk Spectre and Sally Jupiter were stiff in their line deliveries and generally pretty awful, which is a shame, because I thought Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were all fantastic.

Wilson in particular blew me away; he really pulled off a nuanced performance despite playing in such a larger-than-life world (probably due in no small part to his musical theatre background).

I’d say watching this Saturday Morning Watchmen theme song is the second-best Watchmen related thing you can do with your time:

The first? Read the book.


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