Eric Warheim Awesome Music Videos Great Job!

Riddle me this! What do The Bird and The Bee, MGMT, and Ben Folds have in common? They’ve all got music videos directed by Eric Warheim (of Tim & Eric fame). I had seen the Ben Folds vid, but the other two came to me via JQ

The Bird and the Bee – Polite Dance Song 

Ben Folds (and Regina Spektor) – You Don’t Know Me

MGMT – The Youth

I think this one might be my favorite – not because it’s the funniest, but because there’s just something really sad about it. Stylistically, it hits the same beats as the other two (and a lot of Tim & Eric comedy in general): awkward, absurd, real-people humor (that is, 80’s and 90’s glamor shot versions of real people). But in this case, I feel like the video and lyrics are a little more thematically intertwined.


2 responses to “Eric Warheim Awesome Music Videos Great Job!

  1. jakepatrick

    Thanks for posting these. I love T&E and the music videos they produce. I thought Dance Floor Dale was great.

    How did you embed these to your blog? I used the “embed” code, but WordPress didn’t convert it to a video when I posted it — there was just a bunch of text.

  2. Hope this helps: If you want to embed a vimeo video (like one of these), you’ll have to go directly to the vimeo page for the video, copy the URL, and insert it into this format: .

    Unfortunately, only supports a few types of video players, which sucks. is a different story, but you’ve gotta pay for that…

    And yeah, Dance Floor Dale really tore it up!

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