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The WRONG way to fight an Alien

Seriously, what kind of bullshit alien hunter taught these kids how to fight extraterrestrials?

“Okay, there are two important things you need to know if you wanna fight aliens: one, nothing makes a more secure airlock than wooden blinds…and two, shining a flashlight on an alien is the closest thing they can experience to death. They fuckin’ hate it.”

“Oh, and uh…don’t tell your moms I was here, okay? Pantsless Carl’s gotta stay outta jail so he can go and teach some other kids about fightin’ mummies in the back of his van.”


Ghostbusters Go Plastic

Ghostbusters figuresI’ve been waiting a long time for some good Ghostbusters action figures, and it looks like they’re finally gonna hit the shelves this year. Mattel revealed over at the New York Comic Con that the Four Horseman (the awesome sculptors behind the only line I still collect) would be sculpting an original, movie-accurate line of Ghostbusters figures.

This means I’m one step closer to life goal #42: owning a 6″ Rick Moranis action figure. Throw in a gigantic Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, and I can call it a a lifetime (and cross off life goal #46).

Meanwhile, in DC news, they revealed these guys. I’m really liking the Wildcat sculpt, and for a character I care and know very little about, Chemo looks awesome.

I’m not sure what I’m gonna do space-wise once these start making it to my apartment…I can’t turn my entire place into an action figure covered geek cave, I’m on shaky ground as it is.