Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m thinking of performing this live for my mom today. Good idea?

I thought so.


A Totally Realistic Request

Quick, someone go and make an unofficial sequel to Troop Beverly Hills called Starship Troopers Beverly Hills, I want to watch it right now.

Burger Kling(ons)

You know, because the Burger King mascot wasn’t creepy enough already. Also, is that Klingon woman’s cleavage made of plastic?

Burger Kling

World of Goo soundtrack

World of Goo SoundtrackWhile I’m only a little over halfway through the WiiWare masterpiece/ artistic puzzler, World of Goo, I just found out that the entire soundtrack is available for free over at the composer’s site.

For those of you that have played it, you know that the soundtrack is one of many, many fantastic things about this game. In fact, every time I boot up World of Goo on my Wii, it’s hard not to sit there and let the fantastic opening theme play for awhile on the main menu before continuing my game.

There’s definitely a lot of Danny Elfman-inspired stuff in there, which in my book certainly isn’t a bad thing. But the soundtrack isn’t just Elfman Lite, it’s got a wonderful and unique vibe that sets it apart from pretty much any other video game soundtrack I’ve listened to.

Even if you have no interest in playing the game, I think the music’s worth a listen. And if you do decide to play the game (either on Wii or your Mac/PC), I think you’ll find that the visuals and gameplay are on par with the music. Video games are art, and World of Goo is just another step towards proving that point – so suck it, Roger Ebert!

Things to Get Tattooed on Your Butthole

  1. Exit Only
  2. Mind the Gap
  3. Bless This Mess
  4. Dead Men Tell No Tales (accompanied by a skull and crossbones)

Eric Warheim Awesome Music Videos Great Job!

Riddle me this! What do The Bird and The Bee, MGMT, and Ben Folds have in common? They’ve all got music videos directed by Eric Warheim (of Tim & Eric fame). I had seen the Ben Folds vid, but the other two came to me via JQ

The Bird and the Bee – Polite Dance Song 

Ben Folds (and Regina Spektor) – You Don’t Know Me

MGMT – The Youth

I think this one might be my favorite – not because it’s the funniest, but because there’s just something really sad about it. Stylistically, it hits the same beats as the other two (and a lot of Tim & Eric comedy in general): awkward, absurd, real-people humor (that is, 80’s and 90’s glamor shot versions of real people). But in this case, I feel like the video and lyrics are a little more thematically intertwined.

Up! trailer looks SQUIRREL!!!

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but it was released while I was visiting Greece…

It’s like Windsor McKay, Miyazaki, and the Pixar guys got together and had a three-way brainbang…and I like it.