Conan O’Brien on The Jon Stewart Show

Why have I never heard of The Jon Stewart Show, a talk show where Jon Stewart interviews people dressed as a 1990’s Motorcycle Safety PSA Punk?


Simon & CARfunkel

Jacob and I just released our latest Tremendosaur sketch last week. Check it!

Creepy old guy loves 30 Rock

I think if the camera pulled out a little bit, we’d get to see Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey gagged and duct-taped in a warehouse basement watching looped 30 Rock re-enactments starring the same creepy old guy playing every part.

The Perfect Stoner Game for WiiWare

Apparently there are no plans to release the game outside of Japan, which is an incredibly stupid decision. I mean, look at it! There’s even a polar bear in there for no good reason! Doesn’t Nintendo of America realize how many stoners would download this game in a second, no matter how expensive it was?

But no, today everybody loses. Nintendo won’t be raking in that extra dough, and the U.S. Stoner Population won’t get to play a video game where they can run through walls and majestically tackle other half-naked muscle men as a polar bear wearing a speedo.

Upcoming Shows

Oh, hello thereI’m gonna be doing some improv shows with Ladies & Gentlemen (me, Jacob Reed, Betsy Sodaro, and Toni Ramos) and sketch-related stuff LIVE with Tremendosaur in the next few weeks, and you (the ambiguous vacuum of internet), should come out to see them!

FRIDAY 5/15 – 11PM
Tremendosaur on The Scott Cushman Show @ Ultimate Improv (954 Gayley Avenue, Westwood)

TUESAY 5/19 – 10:30PM
Ladies & Gentlemen @ Tuesday Night Thunder (1444 North Sierra Bonita Avenue, Hollywood)

SATURDAY 5/23 – 11PM
Ladies & Gentlemen @ iO Black Box

Ladies & Gentlemen @ Crashbar (1523 La Brea Ave, 2nd floor)

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus!

To those who don’t believe that dreams come true: you’re wrong.

Is there anything else that needs to be said?

You just saw a shark so huge that it took a bite out of the Golden Gate Bridge, and seconds later, jumped thousands of feet into the air to attack an airplane mid-flight! Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the fact that it also fights an equally ridiculous octopus.

This movie’s steadfast defiance of logic makes me want to see it more than anything else this summer.

The WRONG way to fight an Alien

Seriously, what kind of bullshit alien hunter taught these kids how to fight extraterrestrials?

“Okay, there are two important things you need to know if you wanna fight aliens: one, nothing makes a more secure airlock than wooden blinds…and two, shining a flashlight on an alien is the closest thing they can experience to death. They fuckin’ hate it.”

“Oh, and uh…don’t tell your moms I was here, okay? Pantsless Carl’s gotta stay outta jail so he can go and teach some other kids about fightin’ mummies in the back of his van.”